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Dear diary, today i started a Barada blog.

Its October and a little rainy and cold. The time of me standing on Juris head in the picture above seems like a thousand Ukulele strums ago. Im currently in French France in a Digital Nomad Training program. Heres me below, standing in a row of remote workers with apparently massive feet!

These winter months are the time of beard growing and preperation for the next leg of Barada Street. After playing at great festivals such as 'The Ukulele Festival of GB' 'Winchesters Hat Fair' and the last of our the summer shows at SeaChange Arts 'OUT THERE Festival' last year, we found ourselves inspired by a new world of wonder. Similar to the one we know but .. it feels like the next step. Juri is now studying in Ecole Philippe Gaulier for the winter. Whilst i will Digital Nomadise myself and learn to tap dance. Although i cant find shoes to fit.

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